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An uneven, biased take

18 Nov 2019

This is not your faux-academic ‘couldn’t find a coconut on Coconut Island’ type blog that are as common as college degrees today and about as valuable.

As editor, I make no claims to being unbiased, open-minded, or ‘academically rigorous.’ I hate college in almost all its forms and I’m not ashamed to say it. I think it is unnecessary, crappy, corrupt, dishonest, immoral and destructive, and that rather than reform it, ‘we’ ought to opt-out of it entirely and let the whole credentialist system crumble and the administrators and academics who prop it up and fight over the remains.

In other words, universitas delenda est! 1

If you want a ‘balanced’ take, you are reading the wrong blog. I don’t intend to be fair, I intend to be correct. There are plenty of ‘balanced’ books on the topic that you can read if that is more to your liking. Flocks of parents, teachers, students, politicians, and academics read those books, nod their heads in general approval, and then continue participating in the same system. These back-patters are good for book sales and morning talk shows, but bad for getting anything serious done.

This blog is not for them. It is a hysterical, unbalanced, defamatory, offensive, fantastically irreverent, self-indulgent, and accurate calumny against the quackery and charlatanry of the college-credentialist debt complex. It is not advice, it is exhortation. It is not research, it is revelation.

Colleges have legions of stooges in the press, in education, in politics, in high finance, and other loathsome professions that have for decades been peddling sensational lies about the absolute value of college and pushing loans that can never be paid back to oblivious parents and stressed-out students. This blog is the other side.

We aim to produce short posts, long essays, poems, fictions, interviews, exposes, reviews and other material that can at some point in the indefinable future be gathered into various, binge-worthy ‘seasons’ of the best writing contra college.

Our readership are the thick-skinned, cheerfully contemptuous, line-cutting, selfish truth-seekers and idol smashers who set their own standards and build their own paths. Our contributors are the same.

We hope you’ll join us.


  1. The university must be destroyed!